Typically projects will be undertaken as a fixed fee for the first phase, subject to change only if the scope of work alters. At the conclusion of the schematic design phase, an estimated construction cost will be prepared for the project which will be used to determine the fee for the remaining phases. The upset fee for the remaining phases of the project would be a percentage of this estimated construction cost apportioned to the phases of the project. Should actual hours spent be less than upset fees quoted, the lower amount will be charged based on the hourly rates noted. The fourth phase is optional and may be eliminated or replaced with hourly rates for work when requested by the owners.

PHASE I - SCHEMATIC DESIGN                                                                           
Review zoning and code requirements.
Review project requirements with owner.
Review existing conditions with construction consultant and energy advisor.
Prepare site plan based on survey provided by the owner.  Take site measurements and prepare measured CAD drawings of portions of the existing house including plans, elevations and sections.
Prepare design options for review with owner.
Modify drawings to incorporate required design changes.
Provide budget cost estimate of options under consideration.

Determine preferred design approach based on the results of the schematic design phase.
Prepare CAD base drawings of the existing house.
Prepare detailed design drawings for the approved schematic design indicating details and materials.
Prepare list of environmental/energy efficiency measures to be included in the project.
Update budget estimate.

Prepare construction documents including architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical information suitable for building permit and construction. Drawings will be stamped by architect and engineer.
Submit drawings, review with city staff, and obtain building permit

Compile contractor list and arrange for meetings on site to review drawings and existing conditions. Provide clarifications as required. 
Assist owners with review of contractor pricing, contractor selection, and contract terms.
Conduct weekly site meetings, prepare site visit reports, site instructions and change orders as required to ensure the project is proceeding in general conformance with construction documents and to the satisfaction of the owners.
Review contractor requests for payment.
Conduct substantial and total completion inspections and prepare certificates. Participate in final inspection prior to expiry of one year warranty.